Bontrager Velocis MIPS Road Helmet

R 3 299

Trek’s Fastest, lightest, most innovative helmet ever.

Bontrager Velocis Road Bike Helmet

R 2 999

Trek’s Fastest, lightest, most innovative helmet ever.

Bontrager Ballista MIPS Road Helmet

R 2 999

Ultimate aero road lid with wind tunnel proven design and added protection of MIPS.

Bontrager Circuit MIPS Road Helmet 2017

R 1 999

Enthusiast-level helmet that’s light, cool, and sleek, with the added protection of MIPS.

Bontrager Circuit MIPS Road Helmet 2018

R 2 599

Enthusiast-level helmet that’s light, cool and sleek, with the added protection of MIPS.

Bontrager Starvos MIPS Men & Women Road Helmets

R 1 799

 Stylish men & woman’s (Pink) road helmet with elevated comfort and the added protection of MIPS.

Bontrager Solstice Youth Helmet

R 699

All the value and features children need and nothing they don’t.

Bontrager Big Dipper Kids Helmet

R 599

Big kid function and protection, little kid look and fit.

GIRO Fathom Helmet

An entry-level road helmet that comfortably fits a wide range of head sizes.

GIRO Synthe Helmet

 Stylish men & woman’s (Pink) road helmet with elevated comfort and the added protection of MIPS.

MET Rivale Helmet

Say hello to the ultimate design for the best aerodynamic performance.

Handlebar Grips & Tape

SUPACAZ Silicone Chunky MTB Grips

The shock absorbing qualities reduce fatigue of not only hands, but the entire upper body. Material: Silicone Foam Diameter: 32mm Length: 130mm UV Resistant
Latex Free

SUPACAZ Super Sticky Kush Handlebar Tape

Superior hand feel with long lasting performance. Super bright, funky colors.

Bontrager XR Silicone Grips

R 299

A race-ready, weight-cheating grip that provides comfort and support.

Bontrager Gel Cork Tape

R 399

A modern classic: traditional cork feel, road-smoothing gel comfort.

Lights & Mounts

14302 A 1 Bontrager Ion 800 R

Bontrager Ion 800 R Front Bike Light

R 1 699

Bright and compact, the Ion 800 R is powered by a CREE LED that lights up the road or trail with 5 modes and an adjustable sync bracket for easy mounting.

BontragerIonProRT 22466 A Primary

Bontrager Ion Pro RT Front Bike Light

R 1 899

A USB-rechargeable front light with five modes for day and night and enough power to light up the full width of any trail.

13202 A 1 Flare R Taillight

Bontrager Flare R Rear Light

R 899

Flare R’s balanced optics, set off with a powerful CREE LED, can be seen from over 2 km, day or night. 

14243 A 1 Bontrager Ion 100

Bontrager Ion 100 R Front Bike Light

R 599

A compact, USB rechargeable headlight that easily attaches to any handlebar.

14241 A 1 Flare R City

Bontrager Flare R City

R 599

The Flare R City tail light is daytime-visible and designed for the city. A wide beam spread, focused optics and an interruption flash pattern make it visible from over 400 m during the day.  

12540 A 1 Transmitr Remote

Bontrager Transmitter Wireless Remote +

R 1 199

The Transmitter Remote wireless controls up to seven Transmitter-ready devices. It easily attaches to any bike’s handlebars for convenient on-the-bar control of all Transmitter lights.

22247 A 1 Bontrager Blendr MTB Ion Light Mount

Bontrager BlendR MTB Ion Light Mount

R 376

BlendR is the ultimate system for clean and easy integrated installation of lights, computers and other accessories.

22246 A 1 Bontrager Blendr Road Ion Light Mount

Bontrager Blendr Road Ion Light Mount

R 376

Blendr is the ultimate integration system for clean and easy installation of lights, computers, and other accessories.

22245 A 1 Bontrager Blendr Garmin High Mount

Bontrager Stem BlendR for XXX Garmin High Mount

R 282

Start with a BlendR stem, add the appropriate base and finish with the BlendR Garmin High Mount for a clean, flush look that securely holds your Garmin centered over the stem.

12553 B 1 Bontrager Blendr Mount Kit

Bontrager Elite Stem Blendr Mount Kit

R 376

Integrated accessory mounting solution for Elite Blendr stems

BontragerMadoneBarStemBlendrDuoBase 25908 A Primary

Bontrager Madone Bar/Stem Blendr Duo Base

R 301

Interface solution between Madone bar/stem and Blendr XXX mounts


11881 A 1 Bontrager TLR Flash Charger

Bontrager TLR Flash Charger Floor Pump

R 1 899

A floor pump with a pressurized chamber makes at-home and on-the-fly tubeless setup a breeze.

BontragerDualCharger 21854 A Profile

Bontrager Dual Charger Floor Pump


A versatile floor pump that allows for easy transition between high volume and high pressure settings

BontragerChargerPump 24839 A Primary

Bontrager Charger Floor Pump

R 499

A reliable floor pump featuring a durable steel barrel, an auto-select head, and a stable base.

11773 A 1 Recharger Floor Pump

Bontrager reCharger Floor Pump

R 499

Classic value floor pump.

14366 A 1 Turbo Charger Pump

Bontrager Turbo Charger Floor Pump

R 899

A feature-rich bicycle floor pump with a high-volume steel barrel and an auto-select head.

Waterbottle Cages

Bontrager RL Cage

R 299

Composite cages are super strong yet lightweight.

Bontrager RXL Carbon Cage

R 799

Full-carbon construction.

Bontrager Sideswipe Cage

R 299

Easy-load design for compact frames, Reversible for left or right entry.

Bontrager Bat Cage Water Bottle Cage

R 139

Constructed from a composite material, this cage is nearly indestructable yet relatively lightweight.

Bontrager Storage Bottle

R 109

Easily store all of your on-the-bike essentials in this easy access, versatile storage bottle.

Lezyne Flow Side SL-L/R Cage

Optimized side-load shape for easy bottle access in compact frames. Designed to hold bottles securely. Oval mounting holes allow fine tuning of position on frame. Left & Right – side configuration.

Elite Cannibal Race Cage

Simple and quick insertion /removal of your bottle from front or sides. Compatible with all frames, ideal for sloping tubes or small sizes.

Elite Custom Race Plus Cage

Glass fiber-reinforced polyamide construction is durable, supple and attractive. Adjustable elastomer rubber adapts to bottle shapes and absorbs vibration.

Elite Cannibal Race Cage

Extremely light carbon fiber cage. Grips bottle firmly, yet insertion/removal is very easy.

9818 29204 full fitnessnew 55472 0 0 1 178

SiS Science in Sport – GO Energy Bars

Provide a boost of carbohydrates, great for fueling before or after training and races. Made from natural fruit ingredients.

1988 6992 full sis gel comp 120

SiS Science in Sport – GO Isotonic Energy Gels

Use during any endurance or high intensity exercise. Fast and easy digestion.

sis go energy caffeine gel single cola 768w 1

SiS Science in Sport – GO Isotonic Energy Gels with Caffeine

Use during any endurance or high intensity exercise. Fast and easy digestion. Added caffeine for that extra boost.

us hydro bundle

SiS Science in Sport – GO Hydro Tablets

A convenient way to keep yourself hydrated and replace lost electrolytes.  Just drop a great tasting effervescent tablet into your bottle.

sis go sachet orange

SiS Science in Sport – GO Energy Sachets

An easily dissolved, high energy carbohydrate powder that will help you fuel before or during training or racing. Convenient single serving sachets that can be carried in your pocket.